Vinutha :

 I felt very happy and i was inspired to do social service. A beautiful program

Vinay Kumar :

 The DISHA Team showed how to achieve our goal keeping the human values in tact and how we can contribute to the society. And moreover, I am proud to be an INDIAN.

Dhanalakshmi :

Learnt glory of our country, ways to help the needy and for any change to happen that should start from me..

Priyanka :

Please if possible, increase the workshop to 2 days so that we can get more benefit..

Rajani :

DISHA has help us a lot to take right decisions in our life and a lot of information about our country…

Anitha Joseph :

 I came to know what I should do and what I should not do. Got the answer for purpose of my life…

Veena :

 Proud to be an Indian and want to serve for the betterment of the country..

Hema :

 Session was very important to know about myself, human values and way to success…

Bhagyalakshmi :

Drishtiyante Srishti(Kannada)

Shilpa :

 I learnt how much ever rich we are, first we should share with others who are in need which leads to joy for ever..