Rajani :

DISHA has help us a lot to take right decisions in our life and a lot of information about our country…

Anitha Joseph :

 I came to know what I should do and what I should not do. Got the answer for purpose of my life…

Veena :

 Proud to be an Indian and want to serve for the betterment of the country..

Hema :

 Session was very important to know about myself, human values and way to success…

Bhagyalakshmi :

Drishtiyante Srishti(Kannada)

Shilpa :

 I learnt how much ever rich we are, first we should share with others who are in need which leads to joy for ever..

Divya :

 DISHA means Direction Inspire Success Humble Achieve..


 Wonderful organization. I wish to be a part in spreading the awareness and change other’s life..

Faiza Shabnam

 I really want to be a part of DISHA and I am ready for all the activities of DISHA…

Sara Fathima

 I enjoyed the workshop more than any other activities of college..

Maqbool Syeda

The real education which accompanies a human  being upto the end of the life, that is moral ethics, awareness of their culture, religious and family values should be embedded in every youth’s heart very strongly.  Disha played a very important role in conveying this message to every youth who is the future of this country and directing in the right path which can lead them to true success of life.

Principal, Sheshadripuram College, Magadi Road

To give importance to values. Personality development, strength, divinity comes from inside not outside. This will affect everyone’s life either in small way or large way..

It gives me immense pleasure to thank the Disha team for conducting the workshop successfully. Our students have given us great and impressive feedback about program and they want thes programs in future too. We will continue our association with Disha in the future.