DISHA – Report of Students Program – July to October 2014

With your support, DISHA feels proud to present the following brief report of the activities during last 4 months..

Please conduct these workshops more often!

We want to become a part of DISHA Club!

These were some of the most common statements that we received as feedback from the students participating in the DISHA workshops, giving us the satisfaction that we had indeed managed to touch the hearts of our youth.

July to October 2014 was an enriching experience for us at DISHA. Around 1,300 final year graduate and post-graduate students from various city colleges belonging to the Arts, Science, Commerce and Management streams participated in the 1-day value education workshops organized by DISHA. And the response from students was simply overwhelming, to say the least. 500 students of Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan took part in a half-day orientation programmes under the name DIKSUCHI-Exploring the inner strength and the response was awe-some.

The workshop began with a yoga session in which students participated with full spirit, trying out the different asanas and breathing exercises of pranayama. Next was a counselling session that saw students exploring their strengths and weaknesses and seeking realistic answers to the issues they face. This session was often an emotional one, with quite a few students confessing a few of their deepest personal conflicts to the DISHA counsellors and seeking guidance.

This was followed by a Quiz session titled “Know Your Country” that kindled the patriotic spirit of students in such a manner that after each round of questions(Contribution towards science, Famous personalities, Monuments, Rapid Fire showcasing different facets of our samskriti, video round..), the auditorium spontaneously reverberated with the slogan of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai.”

Post-lunch, students viewed exclusive videos that sought to enhance the sense of social responsibility. So marked was the effect of these videos that at the end of the day, many of the students voluntarily came forward expressing their desire to do something for society.

Next one the students found highly enjoyable – games. The games master of one of the city colleges taught simple yet enthralling Desi Games that the students enjoyed as a great stress-buster.

The last session of the day was an interactive session on the importance of values as an integral aspect for achieving success and values(Personal, Family, Social, National and Social) as the basis for success. Through apt illustrations and examples of some of the country’s most respected personalities, DISHA succeeded in driving home the point that the blossoming of one’s inner personality is important for holistic personality development in the true sense.

The workshop concluded with this quote of Swami Sivananda:

“Man gets and forgets, God gives and forgives. When man learns to give and forgive, he becomes God.”

The important take-home message that DISHA sought to convey was that each and every one of us should endeavour to elevate to this plane and by doing so, we can make our life and that of our fellow beings truly meaningful.