Testimony from a trainee about Training Program – Kavithha Athreya

The Train the Trainer workshop conducted by Disha Bharat is comprehensive and very effective. It gives an overview and hands-on of the various sessions being offered by them for students, like yoga, quizzing, counselling, interactive sessions on student social responsibility and putting forward our values in action. The two-day workshop was a power packed one which kindles our interest and gives us direction, determination and focus to work with the booming youth of India. Their various programs like the Viveka Vikasa for schools, Personality Development for Colleges and Prerna for Faculty Development are all completely soaked in value based education; and therefore, are the right tools in the hands of the youth for building their own future as well as the Nation’s while preserving the dignity and cultural integrity of our country, Bharat.  

– Kavitha Athreya

Syeda Afreen Shaheen

Money doesn’t give happiness.. Sharing and caring is what we have to do


 We may achieve success, but we need to have humanity and patriotism towards nation and serve the needy..


 I found solutions to many questions of life.. Let this reach to all colleges and do the same..

Sandhya Nag

Disha has enlightened us. I got confidence. Learnt respecting elders and others feelings. Excellent program..


 DISHA itself tells direction to light. I got many things that were hidden in me. Great program


 DISHA taught us the way we should lead our life. Don’t search for the leader. Be the leader..I am very happy to be a part of this workshop.

Seema Dubey..

From now onwards I am going to help each and every person. I am not going to live for my sake only. My life will be dedicated to society

Prabha M

You have touched young hearts. Superb! !! Keep it up DISHA

Aishwarya S P

Helping hands are better than praying lips


Will see myself as a better person in future by keeping the message taught by DISHA

Ramya Pillai

Created a new personality — changed many things in me and added value to my personality