Disha Report – July 2018 – 1800 students and 100 faculty members benefited

Personality Development Program

A thought-provoking introduction was followed by a Yoga Session conducted by a trained Yoga Master emphasized the role of Yoga in maintaining both the physical and mental fitness. The emotional aspect was taken care of by the group counseling sessions that encouraged the students to interact and introspect. The activity helped the participants to understand how success can be achieved by developing strengths, overcoming weaknesses and with right attitude. India was introduced to the students like never before through ‘Namaste India’ Quiz that made the participants walk with pride as an Indian. The importance of humanity and the joy of giving was underlined through an interactive Audio-Visual session that inspired the audience to share and care for others. Some fun-filled indoor games served as a teaser to the outdoor games that were based on Army theme. The workshop ended with an interactive talk by one of our motivational speakers, who spoke not just about the characteristics of an ideal student to be successful, but also stimulated their minds to think about true success in life and imparted many valuable lifetime lessons to rise up as a supreme human being.

The program proved to be highly impactful and the responses were huge encouragement for the Disha Team to conduct more such programs in the future to reach the youth of community.

Sl.No Institution No of Students
1 MS Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce 130
2 Seshadripuram Commerce College, Magadi Road 70

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Workshops in MS Ramaiah Degree College

One Day Value Based Workshops

The program started with an engaging introduction on the importance of value education that set the stage for the activities that were to unfold one after the other. A 45-minute Yoga session conducted by a trained Yoga master left the participants more energized. The group counseling sessions enabled the participants to rediscover themselves and also stressed the importance of self-awareness to reach success. It was followed by ‘Namaste India’ quiz, which was packed with information about our country’s history, culture, glory and our contributions to the world in various fields, left the audience awestruck. The interactive Audio-Visual session inspired the participants to share and care for the community and be the change! Then, the participants were transported back to their childhood days through our carefully chosen indoor and outdoor games, based on the Army theme. The final session provided valuable inputs on how to be a successful student and highlighted on what true success is for a human with the help of real life examples

The workshop received a huge applause and appreciation from the participants and faculty alike in all the colleges and our sole aim of reaching the students community was fulfilled thereby motivating us to do more such programs.

Sl.No Institution No of Workshops No of Students
1 MS Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce 3 330
2 Siddhaganga College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Tmkur 3 400
3 Mangalore Institute of Management Studies, Ullal 1 120
4 Acharya Business School, Bangalore 2 150
5 SSMRV Degree College 1 140
6 MES Institute of Management 2 225
7 Seshadripuram Academy of Business Studies, Kengeri 2 220
TOTAL 14 1600

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Faculty Development Program – Prerana – journey from Teacher to Guru

Disha conducted a one-day FDP (Faculty Development Program) at MS Ramaiah Inter College on June 20th, which was attended by 42 lecturers. We had the privilege of having Dr. Gururaj Karajagi, one of our Guiding Council Members as one of the speaker for the day. He inspired each one of us through his powerful examples, his real-life experiences and emotional stories that left the audience wanting for more.

On 30th of June, we had the opportunity to conduct the same program for 32 lecturers in BMSCE. We were honored to have Dr. Mahadevan from IIMB, who enlightened us on the journey of a teacher from Shikshak to Guru. It inspired every lecturer present to introspect deeply resulting in aspiration to reach the stage of a Guru.

On July 28th at Adhyatma Yoga, Disha conducted an FDP for Yoga Teachers which was attended by 30 participants.

Sl.No Institution No of Students
1 MS Ramaiah College of Arts, Science and Commerce 42
2 BMS College of Engineering 32
3 Adhyatma Yoga 30


The welcome address and the introductions were followed by a brief Yoga session conducted by a trained Yoga master that filled the participants with rejuvenation. The group counselling session enabled the lecturers to share their experiences as a teacher. In order to set the lecturers on the analyzing mode, groups were created and unique Case Studies were given to the participants. This showed them how teachers can also be Solution-Providers. ‘Namaste India’ Quiz, that portrayed India as a land of endless possibilities raised the spirits of the participants. The session was also dotted by many activities and videos to emphasize the significance of the teaching community. A Questionnaire to perform continuous self-analysis was also given to the faculty members. The workshop ended with a delivery by one of our motivational speakers, who spoke about how to transform from a ‘teacher’ to ‘guru’.

The responses received by the lecturers in all the colleges were very heartening and has motivated Disha to do more such workshops and become instrumental in creating more ‘gurus’.