Advanced Workshop on Personal and Professional Excellence (Level 2 and 3)

The main purpose of this workshop is to make student participants aware of life in the 21st century and consequently, the skills and competencies needed for success in personal and professional life. The transition from college life to the real world is often brutal and abrupt. Often, students are not prepared to cope. As they start working, individuals are exposed to unexpected challenges at the workplace. These could include toxic bosses and colleagues, unrealistic expectations, a high degree of ambiguity and inadequate mentoring or guidance etc. All this can cause self-doubt and self-esteem issues. The situation is compounded if the workplace is in a different location, thus taking away the protective umbrella of parents or teachers. The workshop enables participants to appreciate the need for living in harmony with self, family and society- and equips them with the tools to cope better with the vagaries that life throws at them.

We can customize this program both in terms of content and duration (single day or spread across multiple days), in line with the specific needs of your institution and its students.