Seva through Mission Chai

All of us start our day with a hot cup of coffee or tea. But for those with any experience in government hospitals will understand the difficulty in finding coffee/tea especially in the morning. Rakesh Nayyar, an engineer at Indian space research organisation (ISRO) starts his day by serving tea to poor patients in the Kidwai Cancer Institute.

Rakesh, originally from Amritsar was inspired by the volunteer from the Gurudwara who offered Chai to him when he was tending to his father in law in a hospital there. Piping hot cardamom tea was offered to him on that cold morning gave me immense joy and left him thinking how he can give it back to the society.

On 16th August 2015, his daughter‘s birthday he started Mission Chai. Each day he prepares 10 liters tea and 10 liters of badam milk. Badam milk is specially made for the children undergoing treatment in the Kapoor ward at the Kidwai Cancer Institute. At sharp 6.15am Nayyar brings hot tea and biscuits to the patients and his family
members in the hospital. He says Chai is just an excuse to meet the people in pain and bring a smile on their faces. Seeing his selfless service, his daughter first joined hands with him. Now colleagues from ISRO, friends and family and even doctors and other staff members of Kidwai contribute as much as each one can to Mission Chai started by Rakesh Nayyar. Seeing him, many people bring fruits, breakfast to the hospital on their birthday, anniversaries and special occasion to spread warmth and happiness to patients and family members who are in pain. His small effort brings joy to at least 600 patients every morning.

One man‘s action has inspired hundreds more to come and join hands. !!