Ardha Chakra Asana

In Sanskrit, Ardha means half, Chakra means wheel and Asana means a pose. This yoga posture is good for flexibility of the back and neck. It strengthens the back muscles and tones the organs in the abdomen, improving their functions.


Tadasana: Stiti: Legs together, hands by the side of the body, spread toes press it on the ground, tighten ankles, tighten calf muscles, tighten thighs, now exhale suck the abdomen, inhale and expand chest. Eyes closed face smiling.

Inhale & as you exhale- slowly sliding your palms upwards lift your both hands, and place the palms on the waist region, fingers pointing towards your body, don’t spread the fingers

Inhale-with the support of your both hands slowly bend backside-hold to the posture as long as comfortable with normal breathing.

Exhale-slowly come back to the normal position of the body

Inhale & Exhale- with sliding slowly release your both hands. Come to stiti relax.


Benefits and Limitations of the asana

Standard Benefits: Physical Level:

Strengthen legs, calf muscles, knees, thighs, shoulders, strengthen spine and spinal columns,  activate function of abdominal organs

Standard Benefits: Mental Level:

Improves will power, confidence, concentration, intelligence, memory power etc.,

Specific benefits

Reduces fat around waist region, improve digestion, constipation, stimulates spinal nerves, promotes circulation of blood into head, and improves breathing. Good posture for people who are suffering from respiratory problems,

Standard Limitations

People suffering hypertension and hypotension, any surgery, slip disc, ladies during the cycles, pregnant ladies should avoid the asana

Specific Limitations

Anyone suffering from heart problem, spondylitis, vertigo problem avoid the posture