The enormous increase in the number of schools and colleges across the country has given a large proportion of our young population access to formal education. However, educational institutions continue to focus on scholastic achievements (as measured by marks/grades), rather than emphasize all-round development that includes critical life-skills and human values.

Disha Bharat’s programs aim for sustainable capacity development at both the institutional and individual levels. Our programs are constructed around three themes:

  • Know Your Self
  • Know Your Country
  • Know Your Culture

Through these programs, we seek to inculcate values that complement academic learning, resulting in holistic, all-round development of our nation’s future leaders. Specifically, our interventions instill curiosity and critical thinking ability; they also equip our youth with greater adaptability as well as resilience, making it easier for our youth to respond appropriately to the rapidly-changing environment.

The current generation of college students are millennials, and as such, “digital natives”. Given that digital devices pervade their lives, we have created activity-based learning modules so that learning and fun go hand-in-hand. As more institutions align to the freedoms envisioned under India’s National Education Policy(NEP 2020), students too will benefit from greater freedom of choice (e.g., courses, early exit and re-entry etc.)- but such freedom must be exercised with responsibility, or else, resources will be wasted.

In an environment of such unprecedented change, Disha Bharat’s programs are like a “compass”, intended to help students find the right direction (“disha”) while navigating the choppy seas of life.
Our bouquet of student programs comprises the following:

  • Personal excellence/Personality development
  • Advanced workshop for personal/professional excellence
  • Leadership program
  • Induction program
  • Value-based skills enhancement program
  • Program for NSS students
  • Internships

Recognizing the key role played by parents and teachers in developing our youth and nation, we also conduct faculty development programs:

  • “Prerana”- undertaking the journey from teacher to Guru
  • Online program Eternal Torchbearers In An Ever Changing World