BSVP – Certification Course – Executive Summary

The photos of the sessions can be viewed by clicking here

Session 19 – Date: April 26 -Future India – the students presented their dream of future India through a collage which was followed by an eye opening lecture by Rajesh Padmar on Vision India 2025

Session 18 – Date: April 19 – Leadership Lessons from Indian Perspective – The session started with connecting the types of leadership with the Greatest leader of all times Krishna.this was followed by the activities depicting the qualities to be possessed by a successful leader. The session ended with the talk on leadership lessons from Bhagavat Gita.


Session 17 – Date April 12 – Leadership Skills I – Students were made to understand the difference between a Boss and a Leader through an activity. It was followed by a session on Types of Leaders(Autocratic, Democratic, Delegative, Charismatic and Servant). Finally the session ended with highlighting the importance of being a Transformational Leader by giving an example of Geese Parable.

Session 16 – Date : April 5 – Team work and Interpersonal Skills – Completely activity and games based session made the students to realize the difference between a group and a team, advantages of being a team player, characteristics of a good team and tips towards team building. The session also highlighted on the importance of interpersonal skills in family life and professional life. Students enjoyed thoroughly and learnt many important lessons for their life.

Session 15 – Date : March 22 – Goal Setting and Problem Solving – Students were made to realize the difference between dream, wish and goal, importance of goal setting, areas of goal setting through activities and finally having a SMART Goal. This was followed by a session on problem solving – meaning, importance, process and finally concluded with a parable of eagle to summarize the topic. Students participation and interaction was very enthusiastic and hope the message has touched their hearts.

Session 14 – Date: March 13 – Bharata Darshana, Women achievers and current role – Disha celebrated the women’s day in a unique way by giving each girl student a women achiever(Obavva, Mother, Teacher, Sister Nivedita, Mother Teresa, Indra Nooyi, Malathi Holla, Arunima Sinha etc). They had to write down a page on that women and how they inspired each person.They even spoke about the same for 2mins+ in front of the class which was broadcasted live. Each and every presentation reflected the research each student had done, well presented and took the message. The presentations were followed by a PPT talk on “Bharata Darshana and Footprints of India abroad”. Finally, the session was concluded by women through the ages(since Vedic times to the present day in different fields) and role of Indian women in the global context.

Session 13 – Date: March 10 – Stress and Time Management and Study Skills -Completely activity based session focusing on the most important aspects for student life such as Stress management, Time Management, Priority Management and Study skills was conducted. Students were made to realize the value of time and prioritizing tasks in their life. Finally good habits to study along with few tips towards enhancing memory were discussed.

Session 12 – Date : February 22 – Project Presentations and Presentation/Public Speaking Skills – 2 projects were wonderfully presented by the students and the answers given by students for all queries were amazing!! It was followed by a Circular Story(Suutu Kathe) and a session on Public Speaking skills. Finally, the session was concluded by hands on experience through an activity of advertising and marketing a product.

Session 11 – Date : February 15 – Project Presentations and Creativity – Students were given community service projects and they presented with enthusiasm, emotion and extreme happiness. 5 projects were presented by students using beautiful ppts. It was followed by an activity based, thought-provoking session on Creativity. Students enjoyed as well as learnt how to think out of the box.

Session 10 – Date : February 8 – Revision and Manifest the Vivekananda in Youth – As there was a break for 3 months, session started with a detailed revision of all the sessions till date. Students remembered many things and eagerly waiting for our sessions. Followed by a session which highlighted different aspects of Swami Vivekananda and how each person can imbibe the same in their lives. 2 videos were shown to emphasize the same.

Session 9 – Date : November 2 – Values in Action and Student Social Responsibility – Students were given topics to debate openly and put forward their views which was concluded with a message of “Harmony with Self and Harmony with family” is required to blossom. Then facilitation was conducted to make them go deep into the values like positive attitude and anger management. Finally, activities and videos were focused to induce social responsibility among students. Few community service projects were given to the students to use their vacation in volunteering.

Session 8 – Date : October 12 – Indian Heritage – Students got highly spirited with patriotism and nationalistic fervor. Different activities like quiz and Effective Usage of SMART Phones for nation building and ppt presentation were a part of this session. Pradeep and Madhusudhan were a part of this session. Students participation was very nice and they understood the contributions of Bharat in various fields and realized the effective usage of SMART Phones to build our future. Hope they become great agents of national change.

Session 7 – Date : October 7 – Communication Skills Part 2 – Students were given hands on experience on communication(both verbal and non-verbal) through different activities and games. The session covered very important aspects of communication like Self-introduction tips, overcoming the barriers of communication, Different styles of communication, Group Discussion Vs Group Debate, 7Cs of Effective Communication. Finally, the session was concluded by giving the Indian Perspective to Communication taking Hanuman as an exemplary communicator in different scenarios of Ramayana. Students participated enthusiastically and learnt the effective ways of communication.

Session 6 – Date : September 23 – Communication Skills Part 1 – Students were made to realize the importance of communication, meaning and aspects of communication, Communication process and barriers. Tips were given to enhance the listening skills and introducing oneself in front of others. All these were done using different activities and interactions.

Session 5 – Date : September 21 – Values:Integral Part of Life – Students were exposed to the parliamentary structure to prioritize on the different values. A group discussion on different values for a student was done. A wonderful session on moral/ethical dilemma was conducted and students were explained on how to decide when there is confusion in decision making. Finally, a talk on values(personal, family, social, national and spiritual) was given.

Session 4 – Date : August 12 – Students got highly spirited with patriotism and nationalistic fervor. Different activities, videos and sharing of Kargil experience were a part of this session. Sneha Vaze and Madhavi Paranjpe were a part of this session. Students participation was very nice and more than that the spirit of the session was so high that at the end of the session, students themselves asked for aye mere watan ke logo and national anthem. Hope they become great agents of national change.

Session 3 – Date : August 5 – Disha conducted holistic well being using Yoga as a tool and Emotional Intelligence using case analysis were conducted. Yoga expert and Social worker Savithri Somayaji took the Panchakosha Kriya connecting the same to the holistic wellness. Prof.Shobha Sundaresan conducted Emotional Intelligence using case analysis as the methodology to drive home different concepts like Self Awareness, Empathy, Relationship Management, Self Regulation and Motivation. Students participation was an eye opener that they have lot of innate good attributes in them. Hopefully at the end of the day, we have reinforced the message to be better human beings.

Session 2 – Date : July 29 – Self Awareness – Self Awareness Tests, Counselling, Activities, games and talk made the students realize the importance of being self aware and steps to enhance self awareness. Disha Counsellors and Padmashri Rao took the session.

Session 1 – Date : July 22 – Introduction and True success was conducted as the first sessions in the certification course in BSVP for around 60 students. It was highly interactive, participatory, fun-filled and enriching too. Apart from the coordinators, resource persons like Anand Bhargav, Padmshree Rao was a part of this session.