Disha – College Report: September 2018

Orientation Programs (PDP)

The powerful introduction proved not only to be thought-provoking, but also convinced the students that the workshop was going to be unique. The 45-minute Yoga session conducted by the trained Yoga master lifted their spirits and the energy level. The group counseling sessions helped the students introspect and stressed the importance of enhancing positivity, deflecting the distractions and having right attitude towards life to reach success. The information-packed ‘Namaste India’ quiz rekindled the fire of patriotism in the minds of the students. The inspirational visuals and the interactions proved to be highly impactful and underlined the importance of contribution to the society. Then, the indoor games conveyed the importance of alertness and the power of body language. The outdoor Army games brought out their communication, leadership, decision-making and team-building skills. The final sessions highlighted on the qualities of a successful student and defined what true success is.

The workshop was well received and left the students wanting for more. From the feedback, it was heartening to note that many students are undergoing gradual transformation and thus, Disha is motivated to reach a greater number of students in the coming days.

Sl.No Institution No of Workshops No of Students
1 GK Law College, Hubli 1 75
2 BV Bellad Law College, Belagavi 1 75
  TOTAL 2 150

Level 2 Workshop

It was a pleasant surprise for Disha to note that the students remembered the training team as well as the Level 1 activities and messages. The participants found the Advanced Yoga to be much more enjoyable and relaxing. ‘The Reach the Sky’ program focused on higher level of self-awareness, developing a growing mindset, strengthening of character and leading an aspirational life through interactions, stories and activities. The information provided on Indian history through ‘Activity Quiz’ made them swell with pride. The Debate session conducted with the aid of heart-touching visuals emphasized the importance of harmony with self, family and the society. The sitting games provided the required relaxation, followed by the physical games that not just included army games, but also many team building exercises that demanded team cooperation and creativity. The final talk on five important values, carefully packaged with ample anecdotes and real-life examples took the students to the height of inspiration.

The transformation of the students was apparent not only through verbal and written feedback, but has resulted in theformation of a volunteer group involving huge number of girls wanting to volunteer in ‘VivekaVikasa’, a value education initiative for schools.

Sl.No Institution No of Workshops No of Students
1 Maharani Lakshmi Ammani College for Women 2 220
2 GK Law College, Hubli 1 20
3 BV Bellad Law College 1 50
TOTAL 4 290