Disha – Program Report for February and March 2020

Personality Development Programs (PDP)

The powerful introduction proved not only to be thought-provoking, but also convinced the students that the workshop was going to be unique. The 45-minute Yoga session conducted by the trained Yoga master lifted their spirits and the energy level. The group counseling sessions helped the students introspect and stressed the importance of enhancing positivism, deflecting the distractions and having right attitude towards life to reach success. The information-packed ‘Namaste India’ quiz rekindled the fire of patriotism in the minds of the students. The inspirational visuals and the interactions impacted the students and underlined the importance of contribution to the society. Then, the indoor games conveyed the importance of alertness and the power of body language. The outdoor Army games brought out their communication, leadership, decision-making and team-building skills. The final sessions highlighted on the qualities of a successful student and defined what true success is.

The workshop was well received and left the students wanting for more. From the feedback, it was heartening to note that many students are undergoing gradual transformation and thus, Disha is motivated to reach a greater number of students in the coming days.

# Institution No of Workshops No of Students
1 Don Bosco College of Information Technology 2 252
2 Seshadripuram Commerce College 6 647
3 Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women (mLAC) 6 582
4 Vidhya Vardhaka Sanga Degree College (VVS Degree College) 1 85
5 Ananya Degree College, Tumkur 1 102
TOTAL 16 1668

Induction Programs

Disha had an opportunity to interact with more than 520 students in New Horizon College of Engineering, one of the prestigious institutions of the city.

A brief yoga acted as an energizer and motivated the students to include yoga as a part of their lifestyle. The ‘Reach the Sky’ program focused on higher level of self-awareness, developing a growing mindset, strengthening of character and leading an aspirational life through interactions, stories and activities. ‘Namaste India’ quiz excited the participants and uncovered their buried patriotism that reached its peak. The sitting games tested the mental alertness of the students. The Audio-Visual Interaction inspired the students to contribute more to the society and experience the joy of giving. The final session highlighted on the five qualities to be a successful student.

The feedback received was extremely encouraging and the students as well as the faculty members appreciated the uniqueness of the program. Disha aims to conduct more such induction programs and be instrumental in giving a memorable start to their college life.



No of Workshops No of Students
1 New Horizon College of Engineering 1 520
TOTAL 1 520

Faculty Development Programs

Disha conducts Faculty Development Program (FDP) on the theme of “Prerana: Journey from Teacher to Guru”

Disha’s Prerana comprises of five sessions (INTRODUCTION, INQUIRE, INTEGRATE, IGNITE, INSPIRE) loaded with many aspects and qualities essential for a teacher and further to continue on the journey to become Guru.

Disha had a great opportunity to conduct FDP for the women faculty members of MS Ramaiah IT, on the background of Women’s day.

After a brief introduction of Disha and overview of Prerana, the context setting for the workshop was done by Dr, Rupa Vasudevan, the Chancellor of BEST University, in which the social responsibility of each individuals in creating a transformation in the society was focused. She also stressed on the importance of learning from villagers, who are very innovate and creativity.

In the Group Discussion that followed, the lecturers were encouraged to share their experiences, happy moments and challenging situations and much more in their journey of teaching profession. The session enabled the faculty members to introspect as to how they perceive their profession.

In the INTEGRATE, various roles of a teacher and how to integrate them. Through inspiring Videos, the importance of team work and organizational growth and vision was instilled. Through an interesting quiz, the patriotic quotient of the lecturers was enhanced and they thoroughly enjoyed learning more about India. The most important and crux of the entire day’s workshop formed the last session, that explained the journey of how to become a guru from the level of a teacher.



No of Workshops No of faculties
1 MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology 1 30
TOTAL 1 30

Interactive Online Zoom Sessions

Disha Bharat has launched Online Interactive Sessions from March 27 every day from 4 PM to 5 PM to enrich ourselves during the Lock down period!

Sessions are intended to throw light on various independent topics towards enriching our lives with the background of understanding our culture, heritage, spirituality and much more.

With the Zoom app installed on your mobile or laptop, you can interact via text, audio and video as well.

We have conducted 6 days of online sessions in the month and March and still continuing April.


Date Topic


1 26-Mar-2020 Emotional Handling Sri. Pramodh Nataraj
2 27-Mar-2020 Enhance your EQ – The Indian Way Sri. Pramodh Nataraj
3 28-Mar-2020 Crisis: The best way out – Indian Perspective Sri. Pramodh Nataraj
4 29-Mar-2020 Mastery over Your Mind – Key to the treasure Within Sri. Pramodh Nataraj
5 30-Mar-2020 Are you ready for the QUEST Sri. Pramodh Nataraj
6 31-Mar-2020 The Best Gift Sri. Pramodh Nataraj