Disha: Viveka Vikasa Report for the month of September 2018

Half-day personality development workshop

Half-day personality development workshop on know yourself, know your country and culture was conducted in the school mentioned below. The studentsactively took part in the activities and involved in learning new things which was taught. The students were inspired by knowing the richness of the Country and Culture which they never thought it was important to know.The feedback of the students was that, they are very proud to be in this country and also realized it’s our responsibility to serve the nation. So they will serve the nation whenever it is needed.

Name of the school Area Date Number of participants Number of workshop
Indian High School Devarachikkanahalli 08-September-2018 40 1
Brahmagiri Vidya Mandir Devarachikkanahalli 19-September-2018 68 1
TOTAL –1     108  

Personality development workshop

Disha- Viveka Vikasa in association with “Youth for Seva” and Deloitte and Aequs Company, conducted 4 day personality development workshop in Government High School, Naganur, Belagavi on Life Skills and Values for 10th students. The workshop covered Career Orientation, Study Skills, Time Management, Study Skills. Each day students had a follow up of previous day sessions. The students were also given a topic for skit which was enacted on the final day; students were very enthusiastic to present their ideas. The students were motivated and learnt about setting goals, study techniques and also managing time from various activities.

Name of the school Area date Number of participants Number of workshop
Government High School Naganur, Belagavi 1st to 6th Sep 2018 50 1
TOTAL     50  


Life Skills and Values workshop for students On june 9th

The students workshop on Life Skills and Value workshop was conducted on the below mentioned schools. The students were interactive in the workshop and the sessions was fun filled with activitiesThe program was embedded with concept of communication skills, interpersonal skills and also to know more about themselves along with their responsibility towards nation. Students shared their experience about the workshop which stated that it was totally a different workshop with a unique experience, just through activities we could learn many values which we never thought of.

Name of the school Area date Number of participants Number of workshop
BASE PU College Padmanabhanagar 22-Sep-2018 49 1
BMS PU College Basavanagudi 26-Sep-2018 80 1
TOTAL     129  



Teachers Enrichment Workshop “Prerana” journey from teacher to guru

Many staff was commenting on ideas and strategies they would personally be using and those they’d be sharing and supporting our children with. Staff feedback is overwhelmingly positive with everyone taking away action points and ideas to carry out both within their classroom and personally. Teachers were likely to adopt some of the mind mapping and techniques.

Name of the school date Number of participants
Government High School, Naganur 1-Sep-2018 07
Government High School, Jagglur 8-Sep-2018 40
Government School, Arakalagudu 15-Sep-2018 60
TOTAL   107


Fortnightly regular on-going sessions

Name of the school Area Sessions conducted dAte Time
Shanthinikethan School Girinagar 8thSTD – Learning lessons from Ramayana

9thSTD & 10thSTD –Learning lessons from Ramayana

Monday 11:30am to 2:30pm
DAV Public School Kaggalipura 8th STD – Anger Management

9thSTD & 10thSTD – Family Values

Monday 12:30pm to 2:30pm
Basaveshwara School New Timber Yard Layout near Satellite


8th STD –Desi Games

9thSTD & 10thSTD –Team Building and Games

Tuesday 1:40pm to 3:30pm
Bangalore International Public School Chikkalsandra, Uttarahalli Main Road


9thSTD – Yoga

10thSTD – Social Values & Responsibility

Thursday & Friday 1:00pm to 1:45pm
Bangalore International Kids High Uttarahalli 1st to 8th – Clay Making for Ganesh Festival Tuesday 10:00pm to 1:00pm


Regular Ongoing session of alternate weeks once in 15days, where 10 sessions on values touching about character development, country and culture are taken in a period of 40min class.Thesessions were involved with the facts of Ramayana, Social Responsibility. It was also involved with the physical activities through which they learnt about importance of team work, coordination, creativity, confidence, physical fitness. Each session would be followed by an assignment which improves there holistic development. These sessions are of different levels for each class.

CSR sponsored sessions (Deloitte, AT&T)

Name of the school Area Sessions conducted dAte Time
Yogeshwarananda School Ulsoor 10thSTD –  Self Assesment Friday 2:30pm to 4:00pm
Sunkenahalli School Srinivasanagar


10thSTD – Self Assesment Saturday 10:15am to 11:30am
Agastya School Ulsoor


9thSTD & 10thSTD –   Self Assesment Saturday 10:00am to 11:30am


Disha- Viveka Vikasa in association with “Youth For Seva” and Deloitte and AT&T Company, conducts regular on-going session once in a week where sessions are taken for 6 weeks on Life Skills and Values in a period of 90mins class. This Life Skills workshop is conducted by 3E concept, E- Engagement E- Experiential E- Empowerment for underprivileged students, motivating them through activities and making them involve in the incidents which is given as examples so that they understand the right value.