Disha – Viveka Vikasa : Success Story

Manoj is a 10th standard student in Shantiniketana school, Girinagar, Bengaluru. Disha conducts Viveka Vikasa classes in this school. Here are snippets of a conversation between our volunteer and Manoj after a session on Freedom Fighters.

Volunteer:- As a student how will you serve?

Manoj:- By being a responsible student, I will try to know more about our country and spread the positive vibes among as many as possible. Also, for the next Independence Day, I shall collect money from the institution, family and friends and contribute that to the Indian Army”

Volunteer:- What’s your inspiration to be patriotic?

Manoj:- Disha – VivekaVikasa classes motivated me, they taught us the values through stories, soldier games, activities and videos. I wish that these values should reach every young person.

Volunteer:- What is your dream?

Manoj:- After your session on “Freedom Fighters and Soldiers” I have felt motivated to join the Air Force and serve my country.

Last year, we had given students an assignment of writing the names of freedom fighters and soldiers’ names from A to Z. Here is the chart Manoj prepared, and don’t miss his dream picture with an Army uniform and a Fighter Jet.

“Everyone might not get a chance to sacrifice for the nation, but everyone will get a chance to serve the nation.”