Disha – Workshops Report – June 2017 to March 2018

Disha is a non-profit social initiative (started in 2005) that focuses on imparting values and necessary skills for the development of holistic personality of youth. The vision of Disha is “Transform Youth to Transform Nation”. The programs of Disha revolve around the theme “Know Your Self, Know Your Country and Know Your Culture“. This helps youngsters evolve into better human beings thereby enabling them to become the catalysts of social change.

One-day Personality Development Programs:

Highly motivating workshops encourage self-introspection, create a platform for free and frank discussions, provide exposure to values and skills and above all instil a sense of pride in our roots. The sessions are designed to enhance the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual quotients of students.

These programs are aimed at unleashing the potential by building self-confidence and enabling students to lead a purposeful life based on values.

Institution No of Programs No of Students
MLACW – II Year 7 550
Tumkur 3 330
Adarsh College 2 170
KLE Law 1 30
Seshadripuram Magadi Road 1 75
GIMS 1 70
MES IOM 2 160
PES BBA 2 105
PES BHM 1 45
BMSCE 5 425
MLA AHL 2 175
KIT 2 230
KLE Law Belagavi 1 80
KLE Law Hubli 1 75
AIMIT 1 65
VVN 2 120
VKIT 4 400
PES – MCA 1 35
CB Bhandari Jain College for Women 1 75
RV Institute of Management 2 150
Malnad College of Engineering 3 360
SDM Ayurveda College 3 290
Vemana Institute of Technology 2 190
HRIHE, Hassan 1 100
UVCE, Bangalore 1 90
Dr.AIT 1 300
Jyothi Nivas PG 1 90
SDM Hassan – PG 1 95
Seshadripuram Main 4 510
Bapu Degree College 1 110
mLACW – I Year 7 630
MS Ramaiah Degree 3 255
VVS 1 90
TOTAL 71 6500

One-day Value-based Orientation Programs:

Activity based workshops which makes students appreciate the value of values, lead a harmonious life with the Self, family and society deeply rooted on the Indian roots.

Institution No of Programs No of Students
MLACW – II Year 7 550
KLE Law Belagavi 1 80
TOTAL 8 630

One-day Life Skills and Leadership Programs:

Activity based workshops imparts necessary skills like time management, stress management, prioritizing tasks, communication and interpersonal skills. Finally, inspirational Leadership based on Indian perspective is highlighted.

Institution No of Programs No of Students
Tumkur – Leadership 3 50
MLA AHL – Leadership 1 65
HRIHE, Hassan 2 100
TOTAL 6 210

Enhancing Academic Performance:

Disha conducted 2-hour activity based workshop for all the 800 first year engineering students of BMS College of Engineering towards enhancing the academic performance by using their time efficiently, prioritizing and focusing towards achieving excellence.

NSS Workshops:

Customized programs for NSS students on the theme “My Nation, My Pride and My Role” focuses on igniting the patriotism and inculcate a sense of responsibility towards nation-building.

Institution No of Programs No of Students
Jnana Bharati Campus 1 120
Kamala Bai Degree College 1 80
National College 1 50
TOTAL 3 250

Special Programs:

Programs on “Campus to Corporate” to prepare students for corporate life was conducted. 3 Programs in MLACW and MLA AHL for the UG and PG students was conducted where 300 students participated.

Over 100 students participated in “Orientation programs to hostel students” towards leading a good life in hostel.

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