PRERANA – Faculty Development Program – Journey from Teacher to Guru

The relationship between the teacher and the taught has been unique through the ages in Bharat. The teacher through his exemplary life and knowledge had always left an indelible impact on his disciples. The students, in turn, carried on the legacy and the wisdom of the guru and passed it on to the next generation. This wisdom was instrumental in safeguarding the personal and social values of the time.  Ancient Indian lore is replete with such examples. 

Why Disha FDP?
Although the teacher continues to be the backbone in the current education system the perspective, role and responsibilities of the teacher has undergone a change. The primary responsibility of a teacher today appears to be merely ensuring the students’ academic progress as a pathway to a lucrative career. Unfortunately, the fact that the responsibility of the teacher transcends the boundaries of a classroom has been pushed to the background.  A teacher with vision, passion (for teaching), compassion towards students and above all, personal integrity and right conduct leaves a lasting impact on the young minds.  It is such a role-model teacher who brings about inner transformation of students. Hence, in addition to being the cornerstone of the country’s economic progress, the value-systems passed on by the teachers shape the socio-cultural fabric of the country. This program recognizes this missing link in contemporary teacher training framework and seeks to provide the much needed inputs to close this gap.

Objective of the FDP:

  • To unleash the inner potential of teachers and enable holistic development
  • To instill pride and passion towards their profession
  • To encourage creation of innovative teaching pedagogies
  • To empower teachers so that they become catalysts of change
  • To facilitate the journey from Teacher to Guru

About the Workshop:

The workshop utilizes a blend of teaching pedagogies to make the entire experience inspirational, insightful and memorable. It includes the following:-

  • Talk by eminent resource persons
  • Group Discussions
  • Activities and Games
  • AV Presentations
  • Counseling Sessions
  • Q & A Sessions
  • Case Analysis
  • Experience Sharing

 DISHA is endowed with a dedicated team of resource persons who are the best in their chosen field. They will provide new perspectives on teaching. They will motivate the faculty members and help them commit to the profession with renewed energy, passion and direction.