Smt.Sneha Damle

Mrs. Sneha Damle

Has worked in different multi-national corporate companies like Genpact, Unilever etc  as for over 7 years in different capacities.

Due to her interest to the service of the motherland, she has quit her lucrative job and from past 2 years dedicated her life for the service of the society.

Currently serving as the chief coordinator of a social organization called “Disha Charitable Trust for Value Initiatives” which caters to value education to the youth community under the theme “Know Your Self, Know Your Country, Know Your Culture”.

She has been a part of organizing team for different programs, events and national seminars.

She has a good insight about the Indian culture, tradition and has read a quite number of books on nationality, history and great leaders of Bharat.

A powerful motivational speaker who has conducted numerous workshops for all classes of the society ranging from school students to college youth to lecturers.