In the words of Swami Vivekananda, “Education is the manifestation of perfection which is already present in man”. In order to manifest the perfection, education must have two dimensions; inner and outer. The outer dimension is nurtured by a structured academic system which will enable a comfortable living. But more importantly, the objective of education should be to foster the inner dimension which will help students face the realities of life.

The ancient Indian Gurukula System focussed on Panchamukhi Shikshana, namely: Veda, Vigyana, Kalaa-Kaushala (fine arts) Yoga and Krishi, thereby being holistic. With the changing social scenario, the education sector too has moved away from the Gurukula system and adopted the McCaulayan system, which emphasises on academics (3Rs – Reading, Writing, Arithmetic). There is a great need to complement the current education system along with value education (3Cs – Character, Country and Culture).

The Bharathiya Sanskriti is rich in knowledge, customs, and traditions, which has been passed on from generation to generation towards sustainable lifestyle. A profound understanding of this great country and culture forms the foundation of value education. This helps youngsters evolve into better human beings with character, integrity, patriotism and the motivation for positive personal and societal transformation.

These strong values are the foundation on which our nation progresses towards prosperity and peace. With the objective of sowing the seeds of values in the youth, Disha Bharat was founded in the year 2005 to engage with students in the higher education institutions with the motto– शीलमेव परम धनम(Sheelameva Parama Dhanam). To equip students for life, Disha Bharat focusses on holistic character development of the youth for enabling them to engage ethically in the personal and professional domains. The vision of Disha Bharat is – Transform Youth to Transform Nation, which is realised through design and delivery of value initiatives in collaboration with institutes of higher learning. All programs of Disha Bharat revolve around the theme – Know your Self, Know your Country and Know your Culture. These are aimed at instilling the values of Shraddha in our culture, Bhakti towards our motherland and invoking the Adamya Shakti within to carry on the legacy of the nation.

All our programs are delivered in-campus by a team of dedicated full-time resource persons and volunteers drawn from different segments of the society, all of whom are united in their mission to equip India’s youth with a strong foundation of values.