Manasa R

I will be a good human and develop good personality. “Be the change you want to see”. Please come again..


It was an educative and enlightening session. I thank our dept and Disha for the same. Learnt importance of Yoga, positive thinking. Values are the integral part of life. Helped to know myself better.


I learnt many things which even I never heard of. I came to know about my strengths and weaknesses. The resource person’s talk,games and counseling was very good.


It was a mind opener. Learnt how to overcome my weakness. The counseling and quiz was awesome.

Afraa Fathima

The workshop was superb and awesome. Learnt more valuable things like respecting each individual, how to overcome our negatives etc. As an individual, I want to help the nation by providing education to poor and needy.

Manasa M

Learnt what life actually comprises with. If I get any chance to serve something which benefits the nation, I would surely do it. This organization must keep going on and on and on…