Online FDP – Prerana

Prerana – The New Warriors in the New Normal World!

 Need for FDP based on value initiatives:

The relationship between the teacher and the taught has been unique through the ages. The teacher through his exemplary life and knowledge had always left an indelible impact on his disciples. A teacher with vision, passion (for teaching), compassion towards students and above all, personal integrity and right conduct leaves a lasting impact on the young minds.  It is such a role-model teacher who brings about inner transformation of students.

Now more than ever, during the most challenging time such as COVID-19, it is imperative for the teaching community to adapt to the new normal world, motivate the students, stay committed to the profession and remain loyal to the institution.

So, Disha proposes a 2-hour Online Faculty Development Program (FDP), Prerana for the teachers with the following objectives.

Objective of the FDP:

  • To inspire the teachers to stay self-motivated and energized
  • To enhance pride and passion towards their profession
  • To enthuse creation of innovative teaching pedagogies
  • To empower teachers so that they become catalysts of change

Highlights of the Workshop:

 The virtual workshop utilizes a blend of teaching pedagogies to make the entire experience inspirational, insightful and memorable. It includes the following:

  • Group Discussions
  • AV Presentation
  • Activities and Games
  • Q & A Sessions
  • Case Analysis
  • Experience Sharing