Welcome to Disha Bharat

The present century has seen some of the most transformational trends and new emerging paradigms that humanity is witness to. This goes to prove that education is indeed boundless and assumes paramount importance. The youth of today are zealous to upskill themselves and embark on lucrative careers. Nevertheless, it is imperative to nurture values, which is the very foundation of our Indian culture and heritage. There is a compelling need to evolve a more holistic approach towards education that goes beyond Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, to aid youngsters to emerge as socially responsible citizens with character and integrity.

Disha Bharat is a non-profit social initiative started in the year 2005. The objective is to impart values in the higher education domain with the motto – “शीलमेव परम धनम्” (Sheelameva Parama Dhanam). To equip students for life, Disha Bharat focuses on holistic character development of the youth for enabling them to engage ethically in the personal and professional domains.

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